About The Director

Brendan Ramnath has performed around the world as a session drummer. Completed tours as of 2018 include New York, Europe, New Zealand, Alaska, Florida, Seattle, Fiji, Canada, New Caledonia and all around Australia.

Since witnessing his first live band, Brendan was captivated to pursue drumming. Throughout the years, he has pushed himself to learn everything that captivated him. Now all of these passions are embodied into BRstudioZ; where students, artists and companies are able to benefit from the all-in-one creative environment.

BRstudioZ is pushing the boundaries by utilising technology to create high end productions such as Broadway sellout show "UNTAPPED" and high end corporate show "STEP".

"I'm just trying to be a kid again and love everything I do".

Current REP LIST (635 songs).


What We Do

Audio - Bands come in to rehearse and create demo/promo material in a fully equipped area. The automated setup allows for bands to simply touch a NFC card to startup the entire studio.

Video - Artists are able to record their sessions using multiple camera angles which also records audio straight from the desk for the best sound quality.

Teaching - All teachers in BRstudioZ are qualified to cater for diverse needs of students and are continually improving their teaching methods.

Business Development - BRstudioZ helps companies to perform more efficiently by upgrading existing content or creating it from scratch. BRstudioZ has a strong working relationship with each of them so feel free to contact them for a reference.


The above promotion is for a high end corporate act "STEP" which was all created within BRstudioZ. The studio is being redesigned and upgraded continually. This allows all projects of managed by BRstudioZ to evolve as newer ideas and technologies are developed. The software used are:

  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Ableton Live 10
  • Reaper
  • Logic Pro X
  • Motion 5
  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • QLAB
  • iReal Pro
  • Sibelius


The studio space has the same equipment used in touring productions and live gigs. The studio has has the following gear to ensure bands are able to perform and record with total ease.

  • Sleishman Pro Drums
  • Roland TD30
  • Roland Octopad
  • Roland FP30
  • 4 x Wireless In-Ear-Monitors allowing the band to track/rehearse wirelessly
  • 2 x Panasonic GH4s able to record over 10 hours of footage per session
  • Behringer XR18 for tracking up to 16 live instruments simultaneously
  • Multiple lighting rigs used to create different scenes
  • 2 x KRK Rokit 8s for mixing and mastering
  • 2 x RCF ART312A for live rehearsals and lessons